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Mini-Medical School
Instructions for Evoked Potential Test


The purpose of evoked potential test aims to evaluate your nervous system through different types of neurophysiological stimulation and diagnose possible lesion position and severity.

· Visual evoked potential utilizes the lighting changes of television screens to stimulate the nerves and record the reactions.

· Brainstem auditory evoked potentials apply sounds to simulate the auditory nerves and brainstem in addition to recording the reactions.

·  Somatosensory evoked potential apply weak currents to repeatedly stimulate the peripheral nerves of upper and lower extremities in addition to recording the reactions on the transmission path.


· Normal diet before examination and fasting is not required.

· Clean the hair the day before the examination. Do not apply hair oil or hairspray.

· Patients of myopia will need to wear glasses.

· Please arrive on time. Those who could not show up will need to contact with examination office prior to the examination date for additional scheduling. 

電話:(04) 22052121  分機 2218