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Mini-Medical School
Catheter ablation 心臟電燒術(英文)


Catheter ablation is used to diagnose and treat cardiac arrhythmias.

Things to be aware of BEFORE CATHETER ABLATION?

Four to six hours prior to the catheter ablation, food and beverage intake are forbidden; and the patient is required to sign a consent form, change clothing into standardized medical garment. Medical staff will help you shaving over groin and thigh. Contact lenses and prostheses must be removed, and do remember to empty the bladder.

Things to be aware of DURING CATHETER ABLATION?

After local anesthesia, the doctor will insert vascular sheath into the femoral and/or neck vessels. With fluoroscopy, the doctor would catheterize your heart via sheath to check the conduction of your heart and induce arrhythmia. During the procedure, you would be given radiofrequency catheter ablation (RFCA) if necessary. Please inform our staff if you experience any discomfort or have any question.

Things to be aware of AFTER CATHETER ABLATION?

During recovery, puncture wound will be compressed with sand bag for 6-8 hours. You should be rest in bed for 24 hours; our staff would monitor your vital signs, check pedal pulse, and observe if there was bleeding from the puncture wound. You can try some water if you do not feel nausea after the examination, but please tell our staff immediately if you feel swelling, redness and/or unusual pain near the insert site.

After you home, do not overuse the leg, which underwent the examination in the first 3 days. Take medicine regularly. If you have any discomfort or questions, don’t hesitate to come back hospital to tell your cardiologic physician.

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