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What is automated peritoneal dialysis?

What is automated peritoneal dialysis?

Automated peritoneal dialysis is carried out by a desktop automatic peritoneal dialysis machine that offers you for three or more times of changing dialysate circles continuously. Its advantage is convenient, and easy to operate, offer better quality of the life and even obtain better dialysis result.

You may connect the peritoneal dialysis catheter to the conduit of dialysis machine before sleeping and then you can take a rest after switching on the machine, such as watching TV, reading the newspapers and magazines, taking foods, chatting or sleeping. This machine will carry out and change the dialysate many times automatically according to the prescription that you set up, and this will last about 8-12 hours, and then you may separate with the pipeline of machine after you wake up every other day. If needed, you can operate another excess CAPD so that you can “wash” more wastes.

What are advantages for using Automatic peritoneal dialysis?

  1. Life has much more elasticity. You only need to operate for changing one or two times of dialysis by yourself in the daytime so you may have more free time.
  2. You can do numerous dialysis exchanges during the same catheter connection, so this will reduce the probability of infection.
  3. The machine heats the dialysate automatically, so you can adjust the temperature according to the weather temperature.
  4. You may increase dialysis dosage, improve the result of dialysis.

Am I suitable for automatic peritoneum dialysis?

The patient who is tolerant to peritoneal dialysis can choose automated peritoneal dialysis but you still need to discuss with your attending physician and nurse about your peritoneal dialysis treatment.

The automatic peritoneal dialysis is especially suitable for the patients with the following conditions:

  1. One may experience complications due to large belly pressure, such as hernia or leakage
  2. One may have recurrent peritonitis because of the problems incurred during the operating procedure. You can do numerous dialysis  exchange during the same catheter connection, so this will reduce the probability of getting infected
  3. For the patient of the high permeability peritoneum, this can improve the clearance rate of the ultrafiltration and urea toxin.
  4. One cant achieve adequate dialysis. This means poor “wash or not clean enough.
  5. One is busy in the daytime and is in needs of more life elasticity.

What disadvantages for automatic peritoneum dialysis?

Basically there are no disadvantages.  Tough one can still do other things during dialysis, it is somewhat inconvenient to connect to the machine at night.

What is the point I need to know for using automatic peritoneum dialysis?

Attentive matters are almost the same with CAPD; because the procedure and changing dialysis step are done with the machine, you must spend some time to learn how to operate the dialysis machine of automatic peritoneal dialysis.

After deciding to use 'automatic peritoneal dialysis, you can take the “desktop automatic peritoneal dialysis machine - guidance manual of the house” from your CAPD nurse to help you study how to operate the machine and how to resolve the difficulties.

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