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Mini-Medical School
Post-Operative Instruction for Minimally Invasive Surgery for Breast Cancer
微創乳房腫瘤切除手術 術後衛教(英文)

Precautions for Home Care

· Minor hematoma and pain on the surgical area is considered normal, which will improve in about 3~7 days after the surgery.

· It is recommended to apply ice compress outside of the elastic bandage on the first day after surgery for 24~48 hours to reduce swelling pain. Patients should take more rest. Bruise on the wound after the third day is common and hot compress is recommended to reduce edema.

· Avoid intense activities on the surgical area such as lifting heavy objects or playing badminton and basketball. Avoid water contact between the wound and water. Use waterproof type and take shower normally from the second day on.

· Surgical tape does not require replacement. Replace only when dampened. Keep the wound clean.

· Patients will be arranged for return visit in 1 week after the surgery. Please confirm with the nurses for return visit schedule.

· For any question, please call ( 04 ) 22052121 EXT. 5476


電話:(04) 22052121  分機 5476