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Mini-Medical School

Patient Safety-Recognition of visiting a doctor

病人安全 就醫認知(英文)

Safely go to the hospital

In order to prevent germs from spreading, please wear a mask when you feel a bit under the weather with symptoms like fever, cold, and phthisis. Also wash your hands frequently.

Think about the following questions before paying a visit to a doctor

Write down questions for your doctor before your visit.

  1. When does the symptom happen?
  2. Where is the illness?
  3. Do you feel uncomfortable? How often does it happen?
  4. Does your family member have the same disease or symptoms?

Inform your doctor if you suffer from any of the following conditions:

  1. Allergic to medicine like painkiller or antibiotics.
  2. Allergic to food like seafood, milk, or egg.
  3. Family disease like hypertension, heart disease, diabetes mellitus, and cancer.
  4. Hereditary disease like favism.
  5. On medications like traditional Chinese medicine or diet pill.
  6. Notify your doctors if you are pregnant or expect a baby in the near future.

You should discuss with doctor about:

  1. Reasons for taking medicine; the potential side effects; what it is for
  2. Alternative treatment
  3. Frequency for returning to the clinic and tracking of the disease
  4. Things to be aware of

Patient Rights

  1. Consult things that bothers you with our medical staff
  2. Thoroughly understand your disease.
  3. Discuss your treatment plan with your doctor.
  4. Be familiar with the result of your examination and complete steps of your treatment.
  5. Understand the potential risks and prognosis of the treatment.
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