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Mini-Medical School
Post-Operative Guidelines for Regional Anesthesia 半身麻醉術後注意事項(英文)
  • Regional anesthesia requires the patients to continue lying down for 6~8 hours after the surgery. The paralytic sensation of the legs will eventually diminish and patients can only get off the bed after the two legs can move freely. If the legs still experience paralysis after 8 hours, please notify the physician for treatment.
  • When getting off the bed for the first time, the patients must be companied by relatives or nurses to prevent falls.
  • When experience dizziness or headache, please continue staying in bed and rest. In case the symptoms intensify, please notify your nurse immediately. 
  • For wound pain, please notify your nurse to solve or contact with the Department of Anesthesiology.
  • Urination
  • Patients with Foley: Perception of urination in patients is normal. The urine will automatically be discharged from the Foley.
  • Patients without Foley: If the patients could not urinate due to urinary retention, please notify your nurse immediately.
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