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Mini-Medical School
Post-Operative Guidelines for General Anesthesia 全身麻醉術後注意事項(英文)
Meal Time

Water is prohibited for current fasting. Please consult with the nurse upon returning to the ward for the meal time.

Throat Discomfort

The endo tube or laryngeal mask airway is placed during anesthesia to help you keep normal breathing. Please drink lukewarm water when eating. The throat discomfort will be improved in 2~3 days.

General Muscular Ache

This phenomenon could be caused by prolonged surgery hours or posture during surgery, which can be improved in 2~3 days.

Nausea and Vomiting

Please tilt the head to one side to reduce the risk of foreign object inhalation by the lung. In case of vomiting, please wait for 30 minutes before drinking water and start eating only when the patient does not experience discomfort.


Please take semi-prone position for 5 minutes before getting off the bed. Make sure the patient does not feel dizzy and is assisted by family or nurses before getting off the bed.


  • Patients with Foley: Perception of urination in patients is normal because of the Foley. 
  • Patients without Foley: If the patients could not urinate due to urinary retention, please notify your nurse immediately.
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