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Mini-Medical School
Nuclear Medicine Gallium-67 Inflammation or Tumor Scan核醫鎵-67發炎或腫瘤掃描 (英文)

Based on a clinical evaluation, your doctor may recommend a nuclear medicine gallium-67 inflammation or tumor scan to confirm suspected inflammation or tumor. We hope this introductory brochure will help you understand this scan better.

Procedure for the study

  • No fasting or any other preparation is required prior to the scan; however, some patients may need to take a mild laxative the day before the scan. This will improve the quality of the image.
  • Our medical staff will inject a tracer into your vein.
  • After the injection, our medical staff will schedule a return appointment, at least two days apart. While you are waiting, you could leave the Department of Nuclear Medicine and go home.
  • At the time of your scheduled scan, please wait momentarily in front of the scanning room. The scan usually takes 30 minutes.

Things to keep in mind

  • Notify our medical staff if you are pregnant because the procedure is inappropriate for your condition.
  • Patients who are currently breast-feeding their children should stop at least four weeks after injection because gallium-67 may be secreted through breast milk.
  • Do your best to remain still during the scan. There are no special precautions or complications like allergy and alike.
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